(c) CHORNY (Alexandr Ciornii) 2014-2015. This a tool for CPAN, repository for Perl programming language modules. Fork here https://github.com/chorny/cpan-indexed-old.

author: DMAKI

When modules are removed from CPAN distributions, latest version of distribution that contains this module remains indexed. There are several problems with it:
If you don't want to delete some old version, you can release new version that includes empty versions of removed modules.
Note: Sometimes this tool incorrectly detects latest version as old version. Please check before deleting. I can help you in resolving this issue, my e-mail is alexchorny@gmail.com.

Distribution: Data-Decode latest version: 0.00006
Dist versiondistmodules indexed
0.00001DMAKI/Data-Decode-0.00001.tar.gz Data::Decode::HTTP::Response

Distribution: DateTime-Format-Japanese latest version: 0.04000
Dist versiondistmodules indexed
0.01DMAKI/DateTime-Format-Japanese-0.01.tar.gz DateTime::Format::Japanese::Common DateTime::Format::Japanese::Era DateTime::Format::Japanese::Traditional